Taiwan Trip 2012

Chosed to be there in winter, have all my winter clothing ready but too warm to put on one =(

Departing from KLIA in the early morning, the flight took around 4.5 hours (9:20am – 1:45pm).

First day itinerary (4th Feb 2012)
check in Grandee Taiper@ Jian Tan MRT (exit 1, 5 min walk)
CSK memorial hall, national theatre & national concert hall@ Chiangkai-shek memorial hall station
Longshan temple + Huaxi street tourist night market
Shilin night market

2nd day itinerary (5th Feb 2012)
Yangmingshan: Jiantan station, exit 1, RED 5 bus (bus is quite frequent, we waited about 10 min for the next bus)
Leaving Taipei to Taichung (taking THSR TWD$635/ pax)
Arrive Sun Moon Lake, checked in hotel
Leaving to

3rd day itinerary (6th Feb 2012)
boat ride back to
bus back to Taichung THSR
Back to Taipei on THSR
Check in
leaving to Taipei Zoo MRT station, shuttle bus to pingxi, TWD$50 (it’s a special arrangement for Pingxi Lantern festival)
City Hall for dinner

7th Feb 2012
Back to KL





5D4N Hangzhou-Shanghai Trip


A 5D4N trip with family from 28th Oct – 1st Nov.

The journey started by reaching Hangzhou Xiao Shan Airport, then we travelled straight to Shanghai by Airasia shuttle bus (100¥). It took around 3 hours.

Once we reached Shanghai Huang Pu bus station, taxi to Lakeside Holiday Inn Hotel is pretty convenient. It’s already 5 ish when we reached Shanghai, time to meet Linda for dinner…after an hour of rest, we walked 5 minutes to Nanjing walking street and tried to catch a taxi. Shanghai has many taxi and also many passengers…and that’s why we hardly get one. Another 10 minutes walk to Peach Hotel 和平飯店, we managed to get one and headed to 幸福131@宛平路。



Authentic Sze Chuan dishes…hot and spicy!

The first night in Shanghai was complemented with hard drinks and live music performance@Brown sugar, Xintiandi.


2nd day in Shanghai: 南京路步行街+七寶老街+豫園大街+Cloud9











Dinner @上海老飯店

3rd day in Shanghai, we visited 東方明珠塔+295m懸空走廊




Half a day in Shanghai, after the shopping at 成衣店,we took train to Hangzhou.













A very beautiful township but I had a bad experience with the locals. Just beware when you enter a temple named 聖堂。Being inexperienced, I was being forced to donate $! I just thought that they should have approached the prayers in a more appropriate and polite way…

Highly recommended by our tour guide. So we dine in this restaurant:


This is what we ordered.

This is what else they served…



3 Days 2 Nights Bandung Trip

24th Sep 2011 (Saturday, first day)
Breakfast @Kafeteria 172
Shopping (Brands United, Rumah Mode, Fashion World)
Tea @Brussels Spring
Check in Holiday Inn
Lunch @Bumbu Desa
Shopping at Jln Riau (Branded Club, Heritage, Cascade, STAMP, The Summit)
Bawean Bakery
Dinner @Paskal Food Market
Back to Hotel

25th Sep 2011 (Sunday, Second day)
Tea @Sierra
Visit The Valley
Jln Cihampelas
Cihampelas Walk (CiWalk)
Shopping @Dago
Dinner @Paris Va Jaya (PVJ)
Kampung Daun/ The Peak

26th Sep 2011 (Monday, last day)
Lunch @
Heading airport

Airasia ticket was bought 6 months before the trip, I had the itinerary planned with the help of Sisca & Cecil. Cecil, a 17-y-o Bandung girl has fulfilled our long planned Bandung trip in this 3D2N break. Bandung ariport is rather small, no duty free shop, no money changer, we were right at the exit after baggage claim…and there we saw Cecil…

We had our first Bandung breakfast  in Kafeteria 170

Right after the breakfast we went for shopping…Rumah Mode was the first station.

After hotel check in, Cecil brought us to one of the authentic Sundanese restaurant…Bumbu desa

Continue to shop after lunch, we were at Jln Riau (Heritage, Cascade, STAMP, The Summit…)

 Chocolate  Kuih Lapis….must try!!!

Some tits bits I brought home as souvenir…Peanut butter cookies, Choc Chip Cookies and most delicious of all Kenari Cookies…also I brought their famous Rum Nougat Roll…

We headed to join Cecil’s friend and Sisca in Paskal Food Market after the pit stop in Bawean Bakery.

I like the green kuih the best…

After the dinner we were death tired, Sisca then sent us back to hotel.

The first stop we had for the Sunday morning is Sierra Cafe, right at the hill top, you can chill  with Bandung view in this fantastic restaurant (even better than the Valley), the interior design is chic and stylist, food are cheap!!!

Rum & Raisin drink on the left, and it’s only rm8!!!!

After the yummy drink and at par food, we checked in Novotel.

Shopping at Jln Cihampelas was right after the check in, bought nothing here and I don’t like the atmosphere, reason being the street is dirty, very much the old petaling street feel, also, the jeans and clothes selling here are not as chic as those in the factory outlet.  Nevertheless, the theme design of the shop is pretty eye-catching.

We were then entered Cihampelas Walk (CiWalk)

Eating again…

Refreshing Peach Beer

KartikaSari, the famous brownies and pisang bolen place.

Shop at Jln Riau…

Dinner Place: PVJ

Bacon my fav…had this in a Japanese restaurant

Our night in Bandung was ended with a visit to Kampung Daun & The Peak. We were really amazed by the landscaping in Kampung Daun…the weather is nice up there, but it is not as cool as Genting =p normal t and shorts are just fine for me.

Last day in Bandung, Sisca brought us to another Sundanese food, tasted their pork satay again…

Flight delayed, we waited in the pathetic airport for about 3 hours…

Another souvenir I brought home…Martabak Bolu (cheese + choc flavour).

Day 4: Xin Beitou 新北投温泉 – Ximending 西门町 – Raohe Night Market 饶河夜市

Day 3 in Taipei

Ximending is located at Ximen Station, which is just one station away from Taipei Main Station:

There are plenty of good food in Ximending:

First time in my life, love this drink and the dried star fruits taste crunchy =)

I ordered a small bowl, yummy noodles with thick gravy, the spices is optional, too spicy for me, with the plain gravy served, I just can’t get enough of only ONE bowl.

Raohe Night Market:

Super long queue, waited for almost 30 minutes…and scrumptiously delicious!!!

This herbal pork ribs soup taste like “bak kut teh” =)

Day 3: Ye Liu 野柳 – Kee Lung 基隆 – Jiu Fen 九份

Previous: Day 2 in Taipei

Yeliu is a cape on the north coast of Taiwan.
How to get there: Take Kuo Kuong Bus 国光客运 from Taipei Bus Station (台北西站 A)
Journey: 1.5 hours (NTD89)

A lot of rocks formation has been given an imaginative names based on their shape. The most well-known one is “The Queen’s head” 野柳女王头 and that’s the only thing that attracted us there.

After Yeliu Geopark visit, traveling to Kee Lung took 30 minutes, didn’t stay long in Kee Lung but just to catch a bus there to Jiufen. That took another 40 minutes…tiring huh…

First to check in the hotel, waited at 7-11, we were directed to the guest house 九份老舍民宿 – 秘密閣樓.

Jiufen snack:

Traveled back to Taipei the next morning, buses heading Taipei is pretty frequent at every 30 min (just opposite 7-11).

Day 4 in Taipei

Day 2 in Taipei: Taipei City Hall Shopping – Wufenpu 五分埔 – Shida Night Market 师大夜市

Day 1 in Taipei

Day 2 in Taipei, shopping spree – shopped in Taipei 101, Hankyu 統一阪急百貨 (where UNIQLO is located) and Shinkong Mitsukoshi 新光三越百貨 near Taipei City Hall. All of this departmental store are within walking distance and there is connecting bridge to bring you there. Visited Taipei 101 Observatory, one thing that amazed me is the high speed elevator which took only 45 sec to travel 88 floors!!!

3 floors to visit, first they brought you to the observatory at 89th floor (entrance fees NTD400), then you can walk up to the 91st floor which is the outdoor observatory. Went down to 88th floor is the Gemstone Coral Museum.

After shopping in Taipei City Hall, travelled from there and the next destination is Houshanpi Wufenpu wholesale market. There I tried some delicious snack:

Glance of Wufenpu

Next deestination:
Breeze Centre 微风广场 6F Hands Tailung 台隆手创馆

Final destination:
Shida Night Market 师大夜市 (Xindian line: Taipower Building 台电大楼站, take exit 3)

Day 3 in Taipei

Day 1 in Taipei: Danshui 淡水渔人码头 – Shilin Night Market 士林夜市

Read My first article in Taipei: Taipei Walkabout Autumn 2010

How to get there:

Take MRT to the last station of Danshui line (Taipei Main Station to Danshui TWD50), when you reach Danshui (40 minutes after), walk out from the station, take a right turn and walk towards the bus station, a bus to 淡水渔人码头 (TWD15) takes another 20 minutes. The bus will take you right to the tourist spot and take the same bus you can reach Danshui MRT station.

What to eat there:  squid balls, giant ice cream and Danshui tie dan.

After the drizzling walk in Danshui ma tou, we traveled back to the MRT station and headed Jiantan station, where we can eat and shop in Shilin night market.

What to eat there:

This is one with long queue, but the staff serve rather fast, more than 20 people in the queue and less than 5 min, I got my pao. Tried both the flavour: one with pork and one with vegetables fillings.

Day 2 in Taipei


Taipei Walkabout – Autumn 2010

First trip to Taipei, planned this rather late but we made it=)

1st day: Dan shui – Shilin night market
2nd day: Taipei City Hall (Taipei 101, Shinkong Mitsukoshi, etc) – Breeze Centre – Wufenpu – Shida night market
3rd day: Ye liu – Kee Lung – Jiufen (Overnight in OLDHOUSE)
4th day: Xin Beitou – Ximending – Raohe night market
5th day: Packing & going home

Staying in Caesar Park Taipei, it gives us the flexibility to travel back and forth hotel and have plenty of time to rest. Located strategically next to the Taipei Main Station, Caesar Park Taipei is accessible from the M6 exit of the Taipei Main Station.

Travel between the MRT station is cheap and convenient.  Most of the tourist spot is just outside the station, apart from Raohe night market which I found is rather far, I walked ~2o min from Houshanpi station to get there.

No day pass but we bought one way chip every time we travel.

Once we came out from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station忠孝复兴站, 手信坊 located right on the corner ^_^