OUG Pasar Malam

It was raining cats & dogs and yet people queued and waited for their order…we are seriously addicted…



手信坊 Delicacy@Isetan, The Gardens & 谷城饼栈 Durian Mooncake@Mid Valley

Craving for mooncake these days and tempted by the fancy design and packaging of mooncakes, so, I bought quite a few today…know what, they are real delicacy…

From 手信坊 – bought@RM66 in Isetan, The Gardens

The following are bought from 谷城饼栈@RM49.55 (4 pieces)

Well, I was actually attracted by the variety of mooncakes’ flavour offered by this snack shop, especially DURIAN (RM12.55)!! I know durian mooncake is getting popular,  but rarely people can make it really yummy and this is out-and-out a durian mooncake!!! I can taste durian on EVERY BITE, just can’t resist it. ^_^ By the way,  I bought only one piece of durian accompanied with strawberry (RM11.90 ), melon (RM12.55) and tiramisu (RM12.55) flavour. Honestly, only durian is good, the rest can only count on their design.