~Seoul Korea~ Again =p

Lantern festival…being traditional, I had a reunion dinner with sisters on last Wednesday. We ordered Teriyaki chicken, seafood pancake and cold glutinous noodles. The 2nd dining experience is as good as the 1st one. The food is delicious, the staff is attentive, the ambiance is nice and the ventilation system is efficient.


Seoul Korea ~ Korean Food~ Taman Danau Desa

Yen has recommended this long ago, now only I have a chance to try it out. Went for a healthcare talk in Pantai Hospital Bangsar in the morning, then we swing by Tmn Danau Desa to try it … for a two person lunch, we ordered quite a lot…

1. Bulgogi Steamboat (Pork) for 2 persons – RM30

2. Seafood pancake – RM20

Rice, cold water, side dishes and fruits are served for free, and the total bill cost at RM50.

1. Fried pork nuggets with BBQ sauce

2. Cucumber & long bean

3. Stir fried jellyfish

4. Kim Chi

5. White radish

6. Teriyaki sauce chicken

7. Deep fried cucumber

8. Seaweed sprinkled with sugar and white sesame

9. Honey glazed shredded squid

Bulgogi Steamboat

Seafood pancake

Vinegar sauce for seafood pancake =p