How to add emoticons to your blogger blog

/hihi /please /sweat /blur
Hooray! I learnt this emoticons script from the internet. If you want to add these emoticons into your blogger blog, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Sign in to your blogger blog, and go to Layout > Edit HTML.

Step 2. Add the following line code in front of tag, but make sure you leave a space between the script and the tag.

The line code:

If you do not know where to find the , press ctrl + f, then you can type in the words in the “find” column. You can see that in the picture above.

Step 3: to use the emoticons, refer to the picture below. Whenever you want to insert an emoticon, make sure there is no spaces between the characters. It was typed that way because the writer do not want to invoke the javascript.