Handy Customisation & Blueprint in New Smurf Play

There are a few tasks to complete before you see Handy smurf talking about blueprint. The task will take a few days but its quicker with smurfberries.


Thereafter, look for the blinking cursor around your Handy’s workshop. Follow the instructions thoroughly then you can get your Handy’s Shop Soooonn:


Once you have completed the task re Handy Customisation, papa smurf will mention about new island. Again, follow the instruction, tap on the yatch…sail to the new island:



Sim FreePlay why can’t get married

To get two sims engaged, you need to reach level 10, have the partner relationship to the fullest, both sims are staying together and have at least 3 business, then you will have a new task ‘get engaged’:


Thereafter, under the two sims relationship activities you can see ‘propose marriage’: