Hospitality World Membership

I was cheated in March 07. Being told that “you can get up to 70% discount if you spent in Andaman spa”…bullshit! They call to recruit member, stupidly i signed up and receive nothing good but lots of vouchers which you hardly use it…

First of all, this Andaman thing that i specially asked for is not in the list, my first response is to cancel the membership. Spent endless time and effort, a so call manager told me they have cancel my memebrship and will get my refund if the bank allow???…what the hack…i waited few weeks…no refund…well, thinking positively, there is others voucher i may need in the coming 12 months of time…

First world genting 2 nights complementary vouchers:
I called in August 07 requested to stay in the hotel sometime in September. Their response:” sorry, fully book, do you want to upgrade to… additional charge of……” I reply:” No, please help to make reservation on a friay and sat night any time from now till before expiry of my membership, which is next year in March 08.” Waited 2-3 days without response, i reluctantly call back and asked and repeat the same request and waited for another 2 days, someone called: “sorry, fully booked, do you want to upgrade to…” Again, i told her the same story and the next day someone called and said reservation can make till december only, next calender year open for reservation only by december. Fine, may be i just have to accept the fact that this company sucks!

I am a frequent traveller, i dun mind to pay for the RM480 if i can get what they promise to offer.

When they persuade you to buy the membership, what they tell is : you can get up to 70% of discount on selected hotels. Well, attractive i would say, but, cheater…

I called berjaya times square hotel for room rate on 29th November 2007, deluxe room RM450. I am thinking the voucher HW gave: 40% discount off 1st night & 2nd night free must be a good offer. I called and they replied: RM445.40, which is 40% off from the tariff room rate (RM759)for a Studio Suite (a delux room is better than studio suite). I go online and check through berjaya times square website, online rate: RM245 per night. Huh….what this card for??

The reply is slow, for people like me who want to make fast decision on the spot and reservation of others like flight ticket and stuff is difficult…you will just end up getting the same reply: sorry, fully booked on that day….

No hospitality world in my life anymore….i would advice you to reject this offer!!! If you are one like me who bought the card…welcome to my world of grieve…well, only for one year….=)