Eyelashes extension in KL (Tmn Tun Ismail)

Had my eyelashes extension done in Marique Wellness Tmn Tun Ismail 2 days ago. The eyelashes still look good, but I got minor itchiness on the left eye this morning and had swallowed a pill of cetrizine…it works and less itchiness now but I guess my eye irritation will back soon =( This is why I stopped for years after routine touched up in Body Perfect few years back. I think my eyelids just got sensitive to all kind of glue now =( poor me…
Well, talking about the experience in Marique Wellness, the staff is simply friendly, and the synthetic fibres are pretty natural and came in size S/M/L.

The staff picked S & M for me which is quite suitable for the size of my eyes. Price is ok with first trial at RM99, excluding touch up (RM89) and wash off (RM30). I know, the touch up is damn expensive!!! as the original price is RM188, this promotional price just for you to try and see the effects, if your maintenance skill is good, forget about the touch up. While I asked for an experience staff to do for me, she explained that all are good and with personal style…forgot the name of the girl who did for me but the consultant who served me was Grace. After the session, as usual, they asked me to sign package and stuff…30 times@RM3180 (~Rm106/ each); 20 times@RM25xx; 10 times@ RM1499 (~RM150/ each). I refused to sign any, and then she advised to sign a basic member package which worth RM300 with complimentary touch up and wash off.

To me, maintenance is just fine, I have to avoid the eye area while cleansing my face, but still need cotton bud or facial sponge to wipe off dirt surrounding the delicate eyes…troublesome but all are worthy while I look at my cutie bling bling eyes =)


Hada Labo Lotion found in Guardian

Found it in the 3rd Guardian I visited today…
Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion.
  • super moisturizing effects, with 3 diff sizes water molecules which helps to lock-in moisture for complete hydration….
AHA/ BHA Cleanser

Blackwawa Laser Treatment 黑脸娃娃 @ Empro

Invented by Taiwanese beauticians…blackwawa is a treatment claimed to provide a lot of benefits especially to those with acne scars, pigmentation, oily skins, for skin lifting…and many many more. My problem is acne scars or the pimples mark…its all about the sebum production…so, I have my first Blackwawa treatment in Empro@mid valley last Friday =) During the promotion, rm600-10%, I paid RM540 for the first trial…if you go for package…RM2388 for 5 times.

The procedure goes:
1. cleanse your face many many times
2. apply serum…many many types
3. apply charcoal mask and waited for 15 min
4. start the laser treatment
5. remove remaining mask
6. cleanse
7. apply serum
8. apply moisturizing mask, wait 15 min
9. apply serum, sun block

It took more than 2 hours for the whole process. The main problem in Mid Valley is that they don’t have a proper room for you to relax and have your RM540 treatment…its open air, my first trial did at the ground floor, where it is just a booth with some fabric covered, so, public can still see me from above…shy shy…

Let’s talk about the effect…when I first did it, it was not as perfect as I expected, the reddish mark doesn’t really subside…but the skin lifted a bit…and the beautician telling the usual thing like you can’t see much improvement during the first trial..what the ^%#$^*…they showed me the picture of people who have vast improvement after the first trial and now she is trying to convince that I should have the subsequent treatment to see the maximum effect….and one thing she assured is that the skin will keep in place (as in lifted) for at least 21 days….and the marks will lighten in the next few days….which is true!!! The stubborn marks seems to lighten and the skin still feel “bling bling” like that. Expensive but worth a try…

Christmas Night 2009

It was Christmas night, no snow nor Santa, but with the Christmas tree at home it hots up the feeling. I had the celebration with friends and family in The Curve RedBox. To me, it is  just for the sake of count down…it lasted for a few sec and we continued to sing and eat…kekeke…ST played the games arranged by the staff…fun but we won nothing…
My Christmas presents include a 50mL Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair serum…this is always in my wish list and I can’t wait to see the wonderful effect this so damn expensive serum can bring =p

Eyelashes extension in STRIP Bangsar

Finally, i have my first trial of eyelashes extension in Strip – ministry of wax. The conclusion is NOT BAD…it is a bit hard, i mean the fiber they attached on my own eye lashes…but the glue is really super…i dun feel itchy for few days…even now, the 5th day, i still feel comfortable, but whenever i touch it, the feeling is different…body perfect’s eyelashes look natural and it is soft…this is hard and somehow fake…

RM170 and done in two hours, the staff is patience and friendly…my real eyelashes drop over the few months of non-stop treatment in body perfect, she is patience enough to attach every eyelashes to make it look “consistent”.

I think i will stop for a few months after this to have my eyelashes regrow…

First Eyelashes Extension

I have been searching for a good place to make eyelashes extension for quite sometime…for the time being, i am with body perfect. I have had my eyelashes extension for the past 8 months…and i think i am addicted… =)

The main problem with body perfect is the price….pricey, and i knew that they are plenty of places in KL offer similar type of service with different materials and glue. I just get to know that “Strip, the ministry of waxing” provide this service which cost RM170, i saw their review online which is NOT SO GOOD…

I am hoping to get some response from you gals…can you recommend a place which provide affordable and quality eyelashes extension service? Thank you in advance =)

Ok, for now, i would like to tell a bit of my experience…this eyelashes thing is itchy sometimes, you can’t wash your face as usual but with a cotton or sponge to slowly wipe off the make-up/ cleanser…you have a choice of 3 length: 8″, 10″ or 12″…the longer it is, the shorter time it can stay on your real eyelashes, because it is heavier =) Also, you can pick: sexy, dramatic, natural, etc…i always have a mix of sexy and natural….you will be given 1 week time for touch up…after that, you will have to wait till the rest drop off before you re-do OR you can wash off any time and re-do.

Yup, it can last for 3 weeks when i did it the 1st time, thereafter, it can stay on longer because i did a better maintenance job. Now, unless there is function to attend, or else, i will wash and re-do it every 6 weeks…

I bought a package worth RM1900 (10 times). The normal price is RM360/ time. The promotion is on and off, sometimes they offer better package for member =) You can have the package share among friends and family.