Potato bun with bread maker

Beware! This is a super soft potato bun recipe. You will fall in love and bake it over and over again πŸ˜‰

The recipe:

  1. 80g milk
  2. 50g egg
  3. 80g mashed potato
  4. 50g sugar
  5. 1/2 tsp salt
  6. 250g bread (high protein) flour 
  7. 10g milk powder
  8. 3g yeast
  9. 25g butter

Custard topping (20g instant custard + 70g milk)

Using the SKG3920 breadmaker, these are the steps:

  1. Set function 10. DOUGH (1.5 hrs) – done first proofing
  2. Remove dough from baking pan, deflate & divide them into 50g small portion. (Tips: sticky dough, I dust my hand with flour to work with the dough)
  3. Shape it and place it on greased baking tray. Put it inside oven for second proofing (1 hr, place a bowl of hot water together with dough inside the oven, electricity off) – dough will double in size
  4. Egg wash and put some custard topping on dough. 
  5. Bake in pre-heated oven for 20 mins (150C). 
  6. Enjoy it with your loved ones ❀️

The sticky dough after 1.5 hrs in breadmaker

Cut into 9 x 60g ball, this is 20 mins after proofing

Custard topping in piping bag ☝🏻 

After step 4, before step 5


3rd Mar 2017

A friend of mine has shared a simpler recipe. Dough is less sweet but with sweet custard topping πŸ˜‰

Recipe for custard (makes a lot though πŸ˜…):

  1. Fresh milk 250ml
  2. Egg yolk 3
  3. Corn starch 25g
  4. Sugar 30g

Steps for making the custard:

  1. In a pot, mix 1-3 until well combined then add in sugar 
  2. Put pot on stove to boil and stir until liquid thickened (became custard)
  3. Pour custard into a bowl and put aside. After cool down, can place custard into fridge for use later on. 

Potato bun recipe:

  1. Potatoes purΓ©e 150g
  2. Fresh milk 180ml
  3. Milk powder 30g
  4. Sugar 20g
  5. Salted butter 30g
  6. Bread (high protein) flour 300g
  7. Yeast 4g

Steps using bread maker:

  1. Knead 30 min with function 11 (I am using SKG bread maker). Leave in bread pan for 15 min to rest. 
  2. Remove sticky dough from bread pan, remove air and divide into equal portion of small ball (50g each). 
  3. Proofing 1 hr in an oven (using method recommended above). 
  4. Squeeze custard on top of the bun. 
  5. Bake at pre-heated oven at 180C for 20 min

* yes, this recipe only proof for one time ✌🏻 it taste and feel equally good as the first recipe. Enjoy ur bake ☺️


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