Empire Damansara Cafes and Restaurants

Just found this hidden germ in damansara. The underground design and rustic feel of this building is a reminiscent of my study time in Australia.  The first restaurant I tried on a Saturday afternoon is Jekyll and Hyde.

1. Jekyll and Hyde (G9)

This is a cafe by day and pub at night. They serve delicious pork ribs (with Hickory BBQ sauce). Not many patrons on a Saturday lunch hour and Wi-fi is not working on my phone for some reasons. All beef meal is ‘out-of-stock’ that day. We ordered two pork dishes which is the pork ribs and a pork patty. The portion is pretty small but it satisfied our tastebuds and stomach. 

2. Epique Coffee

It’s a quiet cafe during our day of visit. Staff are friendly and the mushroom bruschetta is a must-try. Ordered lemongrass and ginger tea and milo cafe latte. Like the beverages menu with Horlicks latte and Milo Affogato, should give it a try next…


3. Metal Box

I see the restaurant is quite busy on a Sunday morning,  could be because not many open at 10am here in empire damansara. Nevertheless, friendly staff and comfortable environment would be the selling point here to attract customers. Ordered eggs benedict with salmon and they serve with a twist here with croissant. Like the sautéed spinach and not too vinegary hollandaise sauce. Bon Appétit! *weak Wi-fi signal outdoor 😟



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