Taiwan Trip 2012

Chosed to be there in winter, have all my winter clothing ready but too warm to put on one =(

Departing from KLIA in the early morning, the flight took around 4.5 hours (9:20am – 1:45pm).

First day itinerary (4th Feb 2012)
check in Grandee Taiper@ Jian Tan MRT (exit 1, 5 min walk)
CSK memorial hall, national theatre & national concert hall@ Chiangkai-shek memorial hall station
Longshan temple + Huaxi street tourist night market
Shilin night market

2nd day itinerary (5th Feb 2012)
Yangmingshan: Jiantan station, exit 1, RED 5 bus (bus is quite frequent, we waited about 10 min for the next bus)
Leaving Taipei to Taichung (taking THSR TWD$635/ pax)
Arrive Sun Moon Lake, checked in hotel
Leaving to

3rd day itinerary (6th Feb 2012)
boat ride back to
bus back to Taichung THSR
Back to Taipei on THSR
Check in
leaving to Taipei Zoo MRT station, shuttle bus to pingxi, TWD$50 (it’s a special arrangement for Pingxi Lantern festival)
City Hall for dinner

7th Feb 2012
Back to KL





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