Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant, Teluk Gong

20 minutes drive, 4 tolls to pay, we reached Teluk Gong on a Monday evening. We wanted to order more dishes but there are only two of us to share.


1.5kg – RM48

Other style of cooking: ClayPot Wine (醉蟹), Nestum (麥片蟹), ClayPot Butter Milk (煲奶油蟹), Steam (清蒸蟹), Kam Hiong (金香蟹), Sweet & Sour (甜酸蟹), Marmite (媽咪蟹), Black Pepper (黑椒蟹), Chili Salted (椒鹽蟹) & Butter Crab (奶油蟹)

20120214-213337.jpgRM15 (S)

Other types of cooking: Kam Hiong & Spring Onion Fried Lala.

Other style of cooking: Gong Poh, Butter & Salted Mantis Prawn

Tried a few more flavour of crabs in the next few trips:



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