3 Days 2 Nights Bandung Trip

24th Sep 2011 (Saturday, first day)
Breakfast @Kafeteria 172
Shopping (Brands United, Rumah Mode, Fashion World)
Tea @Brussels Spring
Check in Holiday Inn
Lunch @Bumbu Desa
Shopping at Jln Riau (Branded Club, Heritage, Cascade, STAMP, The Summit)
Bawean Bakery
Dinner @Paskal Food Market
Back to Hotel

25th Sep 2011 (Sunday, Second day)
Tea @Sierra
Visit The Valley
Jln Cihampelas
Cihampelas Walk (CiWalk)
Shopping @Dago
Dinner @Paris Va Jaya (PVJ)
Kampung Daun/ The Peak

26th Sep 2011 (Monday, last day)
Lunch @
Heading airport

Airasia ticket was bought 6 months before the trip, I had the itinerary planned with the help of Sisca & Cecil. Cecil, a 17-y-o Bandung girl has fulfilled our long planned Bandung trip in this 3D2N break. Bandung ariport is rather small, no duty free shop, no money changer, we were right at the exit after baggage claim…and there we saw Cecil…

We had our first Bandung breakfast  in Kafeteria 170

Right after the breakfast we went for shopping…Rumah Mode was the first station.

After hotel check in, Cecil brought us to one of the authentic Sundanese restaurant…Bumbu desa

Continue to shop after lunch, we were at Jln Riau (Heritage, Cascade, STAMP, The Summit…)

 Chocolate  Kuih Lapis….must try!!!

Some tits bits I brought home as souvenir…Peanut butter cookies, Choc Chip Cookies and most delicious of all Kenari Cookies…also I brought their famous Rum Nougat Roll…

We headed to join Cecil’s friend and Sisca in Paskal Food Market after the pit stop in Bawean Bakery.

I like the green kuih the best…

After the dinner we were death tired, Sisca then sent us back to hotel.

The first stop we had for the Sunday morning is Sierra Cafe, right at the hill top, you can chill  with Bandung view in this fantastic restaurant (even better than the Valley), the interior design is chic and stylist, food are cheap!!!

Rum & Raisin drink on the left, and it’s only rm8!!!!

After the yummy drink and at par food, we checked in Novotel.

Shopping at Jln Cihampelas was right after the check in, bought nothing here and I don’t like the atmosphere, reason being the street is dirty, very much the old petaling street feel, also, the jeans and clothes selling here are not as chic as those in the factory outlet.  Nevertheless, the theme design of the shop is pretty eye-catching.

We were then entered Cihampelas Walk (CiWalk)

Eating again…

Refreshing Peach Beer

KartikaSari, the famous brownies and pisang bolen place.

Shop at Jln Riau…

Dinner Place: PVJ

Bacon my fav…had this in a Japanese restaurant

Our night in Bandung was ended with a visit to Kampung Daun & The Peak. We were really amazed by the landscaping in Kampung Daun…the weather is nice up there, but it is not as cool as Genting =p normal t and shorts are just fine for me.

Last day in Bandung, Sisca brought us to another Sundanese food, tasted their pork satay again…

Flight delayed, we waited in the pathetic airport for about 3 hours…

Another souvenir I brought home…Martabak Bolu (cheese + choc flavour).


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