Jingle Bell Jingle Bell 2011

It was a Saturday morning that I decided to join my sis to her pre-planned trip to Bkt Tinggi. First time being there, I was thrilled by the landscaping of the French Village (Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hills) by Berjaya Group but it was to my disappointment it is only a 4 star hotel, after a one night stay, I found that they don’t even have a hair dryer in the room…the breakfast served is another displeasure to me…

It took about 45 min to reach the entrance of the French Village from KL…

The French Village is pretty a tourist oriented place, f&b is unsurprisingly expensive, a Cornetto priced at rm5 and a 500ml coke cost rm8!!! We had lunch at Bkt Tinggi before we headed the village, also, we had our dinner there. The most impressive restaurant is the one behind BHP petrol station, decorated with umbrellas and all of them were signed…

We ordered their signature dishes…雪山飞狐 (Salted Fish), 海鲜煲 (Seafood Pot) and 蛋豆腐 (eggs with tofu)…total Rm130+

When we were half way through the seafood, the staff took away the bottom steamer and make us a vege soup with the essence…seafood soup…

Hmmm…perhaps it was Christmas Day, I found it was crowded and nothing much to do here above 2700 feet sea level…my Maxis 3G is dead here…fortunately I survived through Celcom broadboad. Sleep early on Christmas night, we left after breakfast and headed back to my wonderland…


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