Day 3: Ye Liu 野柳 – Kee Lung 基隆 – Jiu Fen 九份

Previous: Day 2 in Taipei

Yeliu is a cape on the north coast of Taiwan.
How to get there: Take Kuo Kuong Bus 国光客运 from Taipei Bus Station (台北西站 A)
Journey: 1.5 hours (NTD89)

A lot of rocks formation has been given an imaginative names based on their shape. The most well-known one is “The Queen’s head” 野柳女王头 and that’s the only thing that attracted us there.

After Yeliu Geopark visit, traveling to Kee Lung took 30 minutes, didn’t stay long in Kee Lung but just to catch a bus there to Jiufen. That took another 40 minutes…tiring huh…

First to check in the hotel, waited at 7-11, we were directed to the guest house 九份老舍民宿 – 秘密閣樓.

Jiufen snack:

Traveled back to Taipei the next morning, buses heading Taipei is pretty frequent at every 30 min (just opposite 7-11).

Day 4 in Taipei


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