Taipei Walkabout – Autumn 2010

First trip to Taipei, planned this rather late but we made it=)

1st day: Dan shui – Shilin night market
2nd day: Taipei City Hall (Taipei 101, Shinkong Mitsukoshi, etc) – Breeze Centre – Wufenpu – Shida night market
3rd day: Ye liu – Kee Lung – Jiufen (Overnight in OLDHOUSE)
4th day: Xin Beitou – Ximending – Raohe night market
5th day: Packing & going home

Staying in Caesar Park Taipei, it gives us the flexibility to travel back and forth hotel and have plenty of time to rest. Located strategically next to the Taipei Main Station, Caesar Park Taipei is accessible from the M6 exit of the Taipei Main Station.

Travel between the MRT station is cheap and convenient.  Most of the tourist spot is just outside the station, apart from Raohe night market which I found is rather far, I walked ~2o min from Houshanpi station to get there.

No day pass but we bought one way chip every time we travel.

Once we came out from Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station忠孝复兴站, 手信坊 located right on the corner ^_^


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