JoJo Little Kitchen Pan Mee, Kuchai Enterpreneurs Park, KL

Jojo Little Kitchen is one of the many pan mee restaurant in Kuchai Enterpreneurs Park. Same row as Win Sonn Cafe (亞顺生虾鱼头米), Jojo little kitchen has been broadcasted in 8TV Ho Chak TV series before. They serve a variety of pan mee, namely traditional soup/ dry pan mee, curry pan mee, herbal soup pan mee, Lu Ruo/ 滷肉 pan mee, etc. I had the traditional soup pan mee today =)

There are a total of 7?8? branch…I manage to pick up a few of the business cards:


3 thoughts on “JoJo Little Kitchen Pan Mee, Kuchai Enterpreneurs Park, KL

  1. HI Jojo,

    Hoping after ur read tis email i can get some reply,today abt 1pm i going to JOJO kota damansara,when i going inside stand at counter order my pan mee has a man coming and say stand beside a bit he need going to counter,wat service of him,after me order sit at table he coming and told us ur take away can go other place for waiting,is me js order 1 bag of pan mee so u can doing like tis service,but my order is whole family,why oso get tis kind of service.

    After he ordering us to go other side and i say pls help to cancel my service,he very angry and scold me aldy order cannot cancel,tis is our shop system.Yes i agree every company must has system,but why he cannot using friendly a bit to tell us tat sorry ur order is under doing pls wait for a moment.

    After he scolding me and say need to take my car photo & told becareful in kota damansara and need to black list me.And call his friend from beside boxing man come down talk to me.What service of JOJO,i’m very scare r JOJO is gangster??When happening not calling boss is calling friend was working at boxing???

    After I js calling polis,when polis coming he doing very very friendly is 100% change other face….oh my god….is tis JOJO training out services???

    My friend telling me JOJO is very good & delicoius pan mee in KL,wat i get from JOJO??

    Hoping can get a good reply from JOJO.thx

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