Eyelashes extension in KL (Tmn Tun Ismail)

Had my eyelashes extension done in Marique Wellness Tmn Tun Ismail 2 days ago. The eyelashes still look good, but I got minor itchiness on the left eye this morning and had swallowed a pill of cetrizine…it works and less itchiness now but I guess my eye irritation will back soon =( This is why I stopped for years after routine touched up in Body Perfect few years back. I think my eyelids just got sensitive to all kind of glue now =( poor me…
Well, talking about the experience in Marique Wellness, the staff is simply friendly, and the synthetic fibres are pretty natural and came in size S/M/L.

The staff picked S & M for me which is quite suitable for the size of my eyes. Price is ok with first trial at RM99, excluding touch up (RM89) and wash off (RM30). I know, the touch up is damn expensive!!! as the original price is RM188, this promotional price just for you to try and see the effects, if your maintenance skill is good, forget about the touch up. While I asked for an experience staff to do for me, she explained that all are good and with personal style…forgot the name of the girl who did for me but the consultant who served me was Grace. After the session, as usual, they asked me to sign package and stuff…30 times@RM3180 (~Rm106/ each); 20 times@RM25xx; 10 times@ RM1499 (~RM150/ each). I refused to sign any, and then she advised to sign a basic member package which worth RM300 with complimentary touch up and wash off.

To me, maintenance is just fine, I have to avoid the eye area while cleansing my face, but still need cotton bud or facial sponge to wipe off dirt surrounding the delicate eyes…troublesome but all are worthy while I look at my cutie bling bling eyes =)


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