Seafood Restaurant in PJ, KL – Restaurant Wong Poh 旺来海鲜饭店

The first thing we noticed is the name of the restaurant – the English name of the restaurant is not the direct translation of the Chinese title. If following the Chinese, it should be Wang Lai instead of Wong Poh. That’s why when I asked Linda who is staying nearby for direction, she has no idea which restaurant I was talking about.BTW, Wong Poh is a Chinese Seafood Restaurant in PJ. When we reached, there is always staff to serve and ask to order while waiting for table. It was a good Sunday when I brought Pei Se, Titi & Patrick to try their signature dish : Butter Cheese Claypot Crab (奶油蟹). Also, we ordered fried buns (炸馒头), salted egg squids (咸蛋sotong), stir fried sweet potato leaves (炒蕃薯叶) and 滑蛋河. The price is pretty reasonable at RM92 and the signature dish didn’t disappoint us. The third visit was with my students, again, the crab is a must to order, also, we tried the Gam Heong Lala and a chicken dish. Yummy yummy!


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