Gel nails…Still Look Good on Day 8

Gel nails are among the most natural-looking of all nail enhancements and worth thinking about if you want nails that look like your own, moreover it is longer and stronger 🙂 but you may want to consider a short one as it is easier to maintain.
Gel nails are created by applying layers of gel acrylic to the nails. Nails must be dry with an ultraviolet light. A good manicurist is important as doing it yourself is tricky. That said, the basic steps are:
  1. Attach tips
  2. Trim tips
  3. File tips to shape
  4. Blend tips
  5. Buff & smooth
  6. Apply few layers of gel acrylic
  7. Dry under UV light between the application
  8. Once set, file and buff the nails
  9. Apply topcoat
Something to take note: gel nails need maintenance every 2-4 weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow. Also, when any enhancement are removed, your natural nails may be paper thin 😦

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