Blackwawa Laser Treatment 黑脸娃娃 @ Empro

Invented by Taiwanese beauticians…blackwawa is a treatment claimed to provide a lot of benefits especially to those with acne scars, pigmentation, oily skins, for skin lifting…and many many more. My problem is acne scars or the pimples mark…its all about the sebum production…so, I have my first Blackwawa treatment in Empro@mid valley last Friday =) During the promotion, rm600-10%, I paid RM540 for the first trial…if you go for package…RM2388 for 5 times.

The procedure goes:
1. cleanse your face many many times
2. apply serum…many many types
3. apply charcoal mask and waited for 15 min
4. start the laser treatment
5. remove remaining mask
6. cleanse
7. apply serum
8. apply moisturizing mask, wait 15 min
9. apply serum, sun block

It took more than 2 hours for the whole process. The main problem in Mid Valley is that they don’t have a proper room for you to relax and have your RM540 treatment…its open air, my first trial did at the ground floor, where it is just a booth with some fabric covered, so, public can still see me from above…shy shy…

Let’s talk about the effect…when I first did it, it was not as perfect as I expected, the reddish mark doesn’t really subside…but the skin lifted a bit…and the beautician telling the usual thing like you can’t see much improvement during the first trial..what the ^%#$^*…they showed me the picture of people who have vast improvement after the first trial and now she is trying to convince that I should have the subsequent treatment to see the maximum effect….and one thing she assured is that the skin will keep in place (as in lifted) for at least 21 days….and the marks will lighten in the next few days….which is true!!! The stubborn marks seems to lighten and the skin still feel “bling bling” like that. Expensive but worth a try…

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