Munataka (Life Centre, Jln Sultan Ismail) Japanese Restaurant for BD celebration

Highly recommended by Monkey, I thought it would worth a try. Mana tahu, I was cheated! haha…sorry Key…in case you are reading this. Nevertheless, the service is good, the food served fast although it is not the usual buffet (help yourself), instead, you will need to put in your order, then only they will bring out the food. They claimed to serve fresh food by doing this…
Munakata is a place in Japan – found this out from the menu. They serve ala carte buffet and the usual ala carte food. We ordered 6 pax buffet, basically we tried everything on the menu, and my favourite are soya tofu and grilled scallops. Sashimi selection is pathetic, ONE AND ONLY – Salmon. With the price of RM70++, yes, I would agree with Sam – never go again!
Pictures of Munakata will b uploaded soon.
Sweet 🙂

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