Day 5 – Still In Beijing

On the 5th day, we have to move to another hotel as room’s availability is a problem. We checked-out early in the morning and took a cab to Shijia Alley (史家胡同)…which is 10 minutes away from Dongdan (东单) subway station.

The interior design of the hotel room is not as good as Lu Song Yuan, they don’t even have carpets but tiles…the toilet without curtains…the good point is, the internet connection is still superb….fast…

We took a bus to the central station to Ba Da Ling (八达岭) Greatwall. It took an hour to reach Ba Da Ling. The weather is misty and it has some shower during our walk down the greatwall. The tour guide is pretty clear in explaining the route and what we should do and shouln’t during the visit…we bought a ticket of RMB100 (inclusive tram ride). Some of the steps is steep…but we manage to reach Hao Han Po (好汉坡) after snapping a few pictures, it started to rain, and we quickly took our way back to the bus station…it was such a great feeling to walk on one of the wonders that our ancestors have created =p

Corwded at every single spots on Badaling…


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