Once in Beijing

It was summer in Beijing and Tianjin at the time of our visit. During this world-wide pandemic outbreak of H1N1, me and mum took a risk with Airasia and reached China mainland – Tianjin on 12th June 2009. Temperature checked, health claimed… it took almost 2 hours to clear the customs. By the time we reached Beijing, it was already 6pm. Arranged by Sunway Vacation Club, we checked-in a 3 star hotel in one of the oldest district in Beijing: Nan Luo Gu Xiang (南锣鼓巷).



(Lu Song Yuan Hotel

No. 22, Kuan Jie, Ban Chang Hu Tong)

Being a courtyard house (四合院), it still keep the authentic design and style of a traditional Chinese houses with greybricks and tiles built around a courtyard. A few puctures of the hotel:

After checked-in and settled, we walked to Qian Hai (前海), the area also being famous as pub street. Strolled along the pub street, we took picture and indulged ourselves in music and the beautiful night scenery.

Then we had dinner in Quan Ju De ( 全聚德). Being famous for Peking duck, there is a Chinese saying, “ 不到万里长城非好汉,不吃全聚德烤鸭遗憾!” Meaning visiting Great Wall and eating Quan Ju De’s Peking duck is a must in China.

We orderd 1/2 a duck. A staff (师傅) sliced it in front of us. The nicest part of a duck is told to be the breast, and we were told to have it together with SUGAR!

While we were enjoying the duck and a few other dishes, there was some performances in the restaurant: Chinese orchestra and violin. All are above average, especially the brilliant violinist!


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