French Art Festival – Elles@Palate Palette

Well, its was a Thursday night (7th May) when I went for the first faf event with Linda. It was a short film session. This short film showcased 8 french movies focused on feminine issues.


1. Gratte-papier (Scratch-paper)

In this 8 minutes short film, two young people communicate in a Parisian metro with books. He takes the book he is reading into her view and circles certain words among several paragraphs to form a sentence that conveys his message to her. Then she replicates his method and provides him with an answer. What follows is a series of exchanges between the two charming characters as they seem to connect. And eventually her destination arrives and she has to go, before she leaves, she writes something on a page. It is her phone number. Our hero smiles a sign of victory, we’re left spellbound and happy.
2. La condutrice
3. Jeanne a petit pas…

4. La Pelote de laine

5. Le bon numero

6. Marcel!

7. Rosa

8. French Kiss

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