I made cupcakes!

Well, these are my first home made cupcakes!! Special thanks to La La for bringing me to buy the ingredients and also allowed me to mess up her kitchen =) We had lots of fun this afternoon and made a large numbers of cupcakes:

12 Orange & poppy seeds cupcakes
24 Blueberry cupcakes

Well, ingredients bought in ‘Sister Deli Enterprise’ (No. 165, Jln Cheras, Batu 9 Cheras, 43200 Sel; Tel: 03-90766409), this is my first experience in baking supplies store, choices are not as much as I imagine, but for a beginner like me, I am happy for what I got.: margarine, vanilla essense, 3 basic colouring (red, blue, yellow), icing sugar, chocolate chips, corn oil, paper cup, chocolate rice, piping bag, black cocoa powder, etc…TOTAL=RM66.90
It weird that La la and her family don’t like icing, so I offered cupcakes without toppings and I brought home some with nicely decorated red/ blue stripe cupcakes. When reached home, I start to make some fancy topping:
How to make cupcakes:

We started off with mixing the ingredients (Orange & poppy seeds mix + 3 eggs + 110 mL water + 140 ml corn oil)

Then we filled up the paper cup on tray:

At 5 minutes =)

After 10 minutes:

After 30 minutes…testing testing…using a fork, La La tested whether the cupcakes are ready:

Yummy yummy! It’s ready…

Below is my first project of topping…now I know we can’t have the icing placed while it is still a HOT CAKE! simply melted…

Hey dudes, these are my blueberry cupcakes:



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