Marley and Me

It has been a while that i didn’t read a book leisurely …the book was in my possession since December 2007 and I scarcely had time or interest to read it…I thought that my scotland-bought antique bookmark would lie between page 18 and 19 for all time…nevertheless, there is CNY that i found time to flip through another hundred pages and fishing day out with him which allow me to self-indulge in his thoroughly recommended novel.
3 months after that, Marley and Me has finally come to an end when i finished reading it on a holiday-mood working day…and i was in floods of tears…i miss Marley…and i do think he is irreplaceable…
I will definitely go for the movie played by Jen and Wil, but will never expect the movie to be in full details like John narrated. Bravo! I will keep up the reading habit and be eager to read more pieces of work which is as invigorating as ‘Marley and Me’.

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