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I was cheated in March 07. Being told that “you can get up to 70% discount if you spent in Andaman spa”…bullshit! They call to recruit member, stupidly i signed up and receive nothing good but lots of vouchers which you hardly use it…

First of all, this Andaman thing that i specially asked for is not in the list, my first response is to cancel the membership. Spent endless time and effort, a so call manager told me they have cancel my memebrship and will get my refund if the bank allow???…what the hack…i waited few weeks…no refund…well, thinking positively, there is others voucher i may need in the coming 12 months of time…

First world genting 2 nights complementary vouchers:
I called in August 07 requested to stay in the hotel sometime in September. Their response:” sorry, fully book, do you want to upgrade to… additional charge of……” I reply:” No, please help to make reservation on a friay and sat night any time from now till before expiry of my membership, which is next year in March 08.” Waited 2-3 days without response, i reluctantly call back and asked and repeat the same request and waited for another 2 days, someone called: “sorry, fully booked, do you want to upgrade to…” Again, i told her the same story and the next day someone called and said reservation can make till december only, next calender year open for reservation only by december. Fine, may be i just have to accept the fact that this company sucks!

I am a frequent traveller, i dun mind to pay for the RM480 if i can get what they promise to offer.

When they persuade you to buy the membership, what they tell is : you can get up to 70% of discount on selected hotels. Well, attractive i would say, but, cheater…

I called berjaya times square hotel for room rate on 29th November 2007, deluxe room RM450. I am thinking the voucher HW gave: 40% discount off 1st night & 2nd night free must be a good offer. I called and they replied: RM445.40, which is 40% off from the tariff room rate (RM759)for a Studio Suite (a delux room is better than studio suite). I go online and check through berjaya times square website, online rate: RM245 per night. Huh….what this card for??

The reply is slow, for people like me who want to make fast decision on the spot and reservation of others like flight ticket and stuff is difficult…you will just end up getting the same reply: sorry, fully booked on that day….

No hospitality world in my life anymore….i would advice you to reject this offer!!! If you are one like me who bought the card…welcome to my world of grieve…well, only for one year….=)


21 thoughts on “Hospitality World Membership

  1. I totally agree with you! I’m going through the same thing now, and am having hell of a time getting booking for Nexus Karambunai. They’re giving me all kind of bullshit, and I think in the end, I’ll just ask them to take the “package”, and shove it up where the sun don’t shine.

    Please AVOID Hospitality World at all cost. Pass the message around to all your friends and colleagues. Beware of their top sales person – Rina, who would go all out to get your business and then disappear from the face of the earth.

  2. I am facing the same tragedy. I’m trying to get a booking for Nexus Karambunai too and that was done over one month ago.

    I’m contacting Nexus to know more about this Hospitality World and I might go further to the authority as I think something definitely not right is going on.

    If any one is facing the same problem no or before regarding this company, please leave your reply here.

    I really want this company to learn a lesson. Thanks.

  3. I’m facing the same predicament where I was promised by the Company’s sales personnel and in their brochures that by buying the Hospitality World membership which cost RM688.00 I would enjoy 5 complimentary night stays..but each time when I called to make reservations the Company’s personnel would inform that the rooms are fully booked or I am required to pay surcharge which is not cheap to be able to book the room. Based on their membership benefits/package I am suposed to be enjoy COMPLIMENTARY STAYS.

    The Company’s personnel inform me that it is stated behind their vouchers that surcharge is payable for peak season and public holidays but then I asked her to state when are the non peak peak period so that I am able to make reservation then and enjoy the complimentary stays as stated in their brochures she never replied despite my numerous calls and emails to them. I felt cheated as the Company is not sincere and the complimentary stays stated in their brochures is just to mislead the public to buy their package.

    As such I am now referring this matter to the relevant authority.

  4. .I just get a call from this company in june 2013, what help is me to avoide many company like this is knowladge .I did my PhD about psychology and investment and what they do to all of us called :framing effect..they are organizing what they want to say and frame the offer in a way that make it irresistible .Never get emotional when someone offer you something that is too much to be true or offer you investment higher than what the banks can offer. After the agent speak for 15 min..I told her even it is the last day and even you give me all this free nights..I have the right to know more about you and deep inside I have smile because i know there nothing free in this world..the first time I put the name of this company I saw all the comment and i am very greatfull for everybody write a comment .you help so many people so i decided to share that this company still alive and many people should be cheated through many years .be carefull always and remember if there is something too much to be true .Think again.

  5. I have been searching for people who has been cheated by this scam and can form a group to officially file a complaint. Even with numerous complaint i have file with their customer service, they just completely ignored and the funniest thing is their salesmen still continue to contact me for the renewal, as if nothing has happened. There must be something we can do about it.

    1. I should have seen these earlier……I think my case is the worst!!!

      My husband received calls from HW on the year of 2012 introducing their honeymoon SPA package at Bali at a price of RM988…he is interested so he signed up and gave them his credit card details (as usual). After peaceful 2years…he received calls again from the agent named Jacklyn on May 2014 telling him it’s time for renewal and need him to pay RM1588 (RM794 per year as he owed for 2 years whIch is 2013 and 2014)…my husband rejected as he said he hasn’t use any of the vouchers and he insist not to renew…but Jacklyn said the package he signed up since 2012 is actually a 3 years programme which we couldn’t “cancel”…and 2014 is the FINAL year of the programme…she talked alot and make my husband believe that it’s his fault as he had signed for that at the beginning…without any renewal forms sign by my husband…his credit card has been auto-debited RM1588…same problems appeared to me which we got lots of excuses and no rooms available on any complimentary hotels requested…end up none of the vouchers had been used…FINE…another girl named Kelly called again on July 2015 telling us that IT’S TIME FOR FINAL YEAR RENEWAL!! What the……!!! As every calls comes once in a year which we might need time to think back actually what’s happened…I told their manager Mr.Jay to check clearly as I’ve been told the final year is 2014 which we assumed the package is already over! And, on the next day, before we make all the matters clear my credit card had been debited an amount of RM1683++ (which he said the renewal of 1year is RM1588 plus 6%GST)…We were so mad and called back to him…he ignore all my queries and he told me actually 2014 was just my first year! I can tell this is definitely a scam! Now I’m still fighting for the my money! Please…anyone please help me!

  6. same here, I have this bullshit as well. They claimed that I can stay at Ritz Carlton for free and I recently found out that I have to pay for my partner at the price of 799!

    I told them I am staying alone, and HW said “No you have to bring along with a partner” !! They will give you all the bullshit in order to close the sales. I demanded money back as I have not use any of their vouchers”

  7. If i had seen this blog earlier…

    I was told I couldn’t utilize the currently valid voucher until I purchase the extension package to extend another 15 months.

    I was even acused of using bad word when I said ‘My voucher is not expired and I should be able to use-it.’ The clever lady acused me of saying BS.

  8. I did not read this when I did purchased. They throw full excuses when I want to do booking. Shit. Ridzwan, Muhammad, Julia, Maria are their staff. Do not trust them at all. I want to open a case in the consumer tribunal.

  9. I faced the same problem earlier when I was promised by the sales personnel that I am able to get complimentary rooms if I purchased their package. However, my 1st attempt to book a room was a disaster….

    I then lodged a complaint and was able to get the room for the 2nd time. However, I was charged for breakfast and my reservations was during a school holiday, therefore, I knew there would be a surcharge since I personally called the hotel and was told the same.

    1. i signed up with this membership programme last year. during sign up the salesperson only mentioned the comp vouchers. i asked the salesperson how to use and what is the term & condition to use each voucher. the saleperson has informed me every single detail. after understand the term & condition only then i signed up.

      a month later i place a reservation. sadly i did not get any room because hotel FULLY BOOK due to school holiday. ok.. fine then i call hotel itself surprisingly the room is available. i lodge a complaint about this issue to them. because i felt cheated and my matter resolved with their promise this is not happen again in future.

      same with banu i able to get the room for the 2nd time booking. however, i was charged for breakfast and surcharge because public holiday. i go thru again my voucher and yah this voucher is comp for room only. and at the back of the voucher stated the surcharge & breakfast t&c. i called hotel and hotel also told me the same.

      last but not least, i don’t think this company is scam. because everytime i called them they never failed answer my questions.

  10. Thank you for this blog entry and all comments. Hospitality World agent named Sara called me twice yesterday, insisted me to sign up for their 18 months membership at RM828. She mentioned all about the free stay at 4-5 stars hotel that worth more than RM828. Honestly it sounds good. But the way she pursuaded me to sign up NOW, make me feel something was wrong and something fishy. Lucky I didn’t give them my credit card details.

  11. Has anyone brought this up to consumer affair and got their refunds? I tried booking but could never get a room in the hotel that I wanted. N I have to pay extra for the alternate hotel. Hope someone can enlightened me where could I complain this to

  12. Thank you for posting this. I am also receiving phonecalls from them doing their pressure sale. Luckily found your post and avoided future regrets. God bless

  13. With all this complains how come the company still operating? Hospitality Direct is located in Wisma UOA II. I was recently approached by their sales person as well. The deal is just too good to be true.



  16. they just call me, i told the sale person to call me back in 1 hour time, and start googling and found this, i guess, after 1 hour, i just need to reject the offer lah.

  17. i received a called from the salesperson mane by Jefry. he non stop calling me and make me so annoyed. though I have told him I am not interested to sign up for 1600 package. with this downturn of economic, the 1600 is a big value of money. furthermore, the package is too good to be truth. I am travelling a lot, and I be cautious too with all the crap package. thanks for all the comments above. it have made my decision clear.,

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