First Eyelashes Extension

I have been searching for a good place to make eyelashes extension for quite sometime…for the time being, i am with body perfect. I have had my eyelashes extension for the past 8 months…and i think i am addicted… =)

The main problem with body perfect is the price….pricey, and i knew that they are plenty of places in KL offer similar type of service with different materials and glue. I just get to know that “Strip, the ministry of waxing” provide this service which cost RM170, i saw their review online which is NOT SO GOOD…

I am hoping to get some response from you gals…can you recommend a place which provide affordable and quality eyelashes extension service? Thank you in advance =)

Ok, for now, i would like to tell a bit of my experience…this eyelashes thing is itchy sometimes, you can’t wash your face as usual but with a cotton or sponge to slowly wipe off the make-up/ cleanser…you have a choice of 3 length: 8″, 10″ or 12″…the longer it is, the shorter time it can stay on your real eyelashes, because it is heavier =) Also, you can pick: sexy, dramatic, natural, etc…i always have a mix of sexy and natural….you will be given 1 week time for touch up…after that, you will have to wait till the rest drop off before you re-do OR you can wash off any time and re-do.

Yup, it can last for 3 weeks when i did it the 1st time, thereafter, it can stay on longer because i did a better maintenance job. Now, unless there is function to attend, or else, i will wash and re-do it every 6 weeks…

I bought a package worth RM1900 (10 times). The normal price is RM360/ time. The promotion is on and off, sometimes they offer better package for member =) You can have the package share among friends and family.


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