Goodz in Kuantan

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1. Beans and Co. Cafe

Like the Christmas deco. Hope the new year theme would be as good. Desserts and food are a bit pricey, comparable to those in KL. Gonna revisit sometime,l with my mum ☺️


Just found this hidden germ in damansara. The underground design and rustic feel of this building is a reminiscent of my study time in Australia.  The first restaurant I tried on a Saturday afternoon is Jekyll and Hyde.

1. Jekyll and Hyde (G9)

This is a cafe by day and pub at night. They serve delicious pork ribs (with Hickory BBQ sauce). Not many patrons on a Saturday lunch hour and Wi-fi is not working on my phone for some reasons. All beef meal is ‘out-of-stock’ that day. We ordered two pork dishes which is the pork ribs and a pork patty. The portion is pretty small but it satisfied our tastebuds and stomach. 

2. Epique Coffee

It’s a quiet cafe during our day of visit. Staff are friendly and the mushroom bruschetta is a must-try. Ordered lemongrass and ginger tea and milo cafe latte. Like the beverages menu with Horlicks latte and Milo Affogato, should give it a try next…


3. Metal Box

I see the restaurant is quite busy on a Sunday morning,  could be because not many open at 10am here in empire damansara. Nevertheless, friendly staff and comfortable environment would be the selling point here to attract customers. Ordered eggs benedict with salmon and they serve with a twist here with croissant. Like the sautéed spinach and not too vinegary hollandaise sauce. Bon Appétit! *weak Wi-fi signal outdoor 😟


Pork noodles in Klang valley

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Not a big fans of noodles…but die hard fans for POrK…here the pork noodles stall I have tried in the pass two weeks:

1. 老妈子猪肉粉 (Mama Love Restaurant)

Batu 9, Cheras

Long queue but very efficient service. Once arrived, we waited at the queue, and the waitress already taking order from us. There were another few waitress with diff roles, one assigning seats, one taking our ordering slit, etc. We got a seat and our order in less than 15 minutes in a busy restaurant like this. Sure I will revisit to try their dry pork noodles or may be the curry mee.


2. 妈子面 (Machi noodles)

34, Jalan 34/154, Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras, 56000. 

Another Sunday morning trying pork noodles at Cheras area. You can try the lower ground seats if the upstairs seats were full. Air-conditioned seats at downstairs. Service is pretty slow, you can order Yong Tou Fu as appetiser, as the stuffed food will come earlier. 



Fun with Bread Baking

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This is what I have been doing recently…baking bread. Easy, cost-saving, healthy (to certain extent) and it brings sense of great accomplishment! Its a SKG bread maker I am using, it comes with all the basic functions needed to make home-baked bread. The following is my first accomplishment, Cranberry & sesame bread using the following recipe:


If you don’t read Chinese, it reads: High protein flour (425g), instant yeast (5g), castor sugar (43g, i put only half), salt (7g), soy milk (290g, i am using v-soy), corn oil (26g) & black sesame (20g). Set your weight at 1kg for this recipe, mixed in everything, wait for 3 hours, there you go…


I have been trying with different recipes that I have got from the internet, the basics are the same, PM me if you want to know the details. Sharing here the recipes and bread that i have successfully baked =)

photo 1

Chocolate bread with high protein flour (250g), unsalted butter (40g), sugar (40g, i use half), salt (3g), cocoa powder (30g), chocolate chip (40g), milk or water (180g, i use dutch lady low-fat milk), instant yeast (3g) – set the weight at 500g

photo 2

Sweet corn bread: high protein flour (280g), unsalted butter (20g), sugar (15g), salt (4g), milk or water (110ml), drained corn kernel (80g), sweet corn paste (80g), instant yeast (3g) – set the weight at 500g

photo 3

The above banana cake i baked has a very good smell of banana, but it doesn’t taste like banana bread?! you may want to add in MORE banana. Recipe: high protein flour (250g), unsalted butter (30g), sugar (30g), salt (4g), milk or water (120ml), banana (80g), instant yeast (3g) – set weight at 500g

photo 4

This Cinnabon-taste bread is my latest creation. Recipe: high protein flour (250g), salt (4g), sugar (20g), unsalted butter (30g), milk or water (180ml), instant coffee powder (10g), instant yeast (3g), for the filling: cinnamon powder (4g), sugar (30g) and chocolate chips (50g). Set the weight at 500g. You will need to remove the dough from the bread maker before it completes the fermentation process, roll the dough into a 12cm x 40cm rectangular shape and sprinkle the pre-mixed cinnamon powder & sugar and chocolate chips onto the dough. Roll in into shape before you put it back for further fermentation and baking.

Practice make perfect…enjoy the bread making fun!

Before I made my own perfect Eggs Benedict, I have tried a few in town. The best variation I have tried is the one in ABC, The Troika: crunchy bun, mild flavoured hollandaise, perfectly cooked poached egg and off course the melt-in-your-mouth savoury beef bacon.


My second choice got to be the Eggs Atlantic @Garage 51 & Mukha Cafe. Well, you got to try the Garage 51 “Awesome Garage Breakfast” also, which is a variation of Eggs Benedict with hash brown topped with smoked cured salmon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Mukha Cafe’s serve this well-blanaced brunch with diced tomatoes and baby spinach, appetizing!

garage 51

Awesome Garage Breakfast


If you wanted to try one in Plan B, Publika’s Plan B served a better one, just because the poached egg was overdone on the day of my visit@ Mid Valley’s Plan B.

Plan B

Other choices in town:

blu med



Fondant bear cupcake

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My first attempt using fondant to make teddy bear. It turned out good😀


Wonderful Sunday@ Pavillion

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It’s a wonderful Sunday I chill and enjoy in Pavillion☺ Gel manicure done in BMIC by Baby, followed by tea-dinner-movie with friend. What a wonderful Sunday!